Hydraulic NC Guillotine Cammac 4mm x 2500mm (415v)

$18,691.30 (excl. GST)

  • Cammac Hydraulic Swing Beam Guillotine
  • Max Shearing Thickness: 4mm Mild Steel
  • Blade Angle: 1° 30
  • 17 Strokes per minute
  • NC Controlled Guillotine fitted with Estun E21S Controller
  • Estun E21S Controller with Go-To Back Gauge allows Operator to set require cut length with ease.  The operator enters the required measurement into the controller and press’s Go, the back gauge will then move into the position requested.
  • The Estun E21S programmable controller also stores up to 40 unique programs which 25 steps in each individual program.This allows the operator to set the back gauge to go to a required length with the required number of cuts at each desired length into each step of the program. As each step is completed the back gauge will move to the next required length in the next step of the program. This allows for multi step processing of material.
  • Safety Light Guard fitted to the rear safety gates ensures the guillotine will be disabled when a person enters the rear of machine while in use.
  • Safety Reset button is located on the front panel of the machine
  • 5.5 hp, 3 Phase
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